Tuesday Night Conference Call Gaining Momentum

If you haven’t already, join the regularly scheduled Tuesday night Conference Call from 9:00pm – 10:00pm EST. The call features dynamic Mind Educator, William Murry and a host of guests. Join the discussion by tuning in!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Conference Call Gaining Momentum

  1. William Murry, your Workshop titled Essentials for Business Success which was done thru the Millionaire Mastermind Institute was very informative and hands on. THANK YOU.
    Your Tuesday night conference calls have been educational, very thought provoking, and are mind and life changing.
    Yes! Indeed we are Moving on Up!

  2. Last night while listening I could have sworn I was in church! I mean you were really preaching to me. Some things you said really hit home for me. I would love more info on the Vision Board.

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