Rules for Success

1. You must have a Vision Board, a Life Plan, and a Business Plan,. (your goals must be conceivable, believable, achievable, and must be measured) and above everything else..must be IN WRITING.!!! If You Think It..Ink it.

2. You must be respectful, caring, and honest.

3. You must be a critical thinker and — think futuristic

4. You cannot let Nay-Sayers, can’t doers, or dream thieves discourage you.

5. You must read, study, read, study, and then read and study some more. (The sad thing is that 58% of the population never read and study, and only 3% have a library card.) You have to be the exception.

6. You must be open minded and coachable. (Do not think you know everything and can do everything alone)

7. You must be patient, persistent, determined, and you must have fun.

8. You must be giving and forgiving.

9. Don’t be afraid to change… The more you change, the more things around you change.

10. Be Thankful for Everything.!!!!

One major mistake we tend to make is we spend more money on the outside of our head than we do on the inside of our head. If we were to take the money in our wallets and spend it on the inside of our head, the inside of our head would put more money in our wallets.

If you want to be Great…You must walk hand in hand with Great and Successful people. Success always leaves footprints. (Booker T Washington)

Show me someone content with mediocrity and I will show you someone destined to fail. Most times it is risky not to take risk. You have to step out on faith. Life will gladly PAY YOU whatever you work for, and the Price you ask of it.

If you are satisfied with where you are in life, kindly step aside for the person who isn’t.

Learn to see with your spiritual, and your minds eye. Learn to see with your third eye and to hear with your third ear.

Good, Better, Best…Never let it rest,…Until Your Good is Better, and Your Better is Best..!!!



Think about this…What is life after effort??……………It is a lesson.. You see in school you get a lesson and then you take a test..but in life you are tested, and then you learn a lesson. Life after effort is really where Failure doesn’t exist……Just lessons.. You see effort is nothing but winning… You want to win put forth effort.

(remember this) It is thru your effort that Learning takes place. It is thru your Learning that Growth takes place. It is thru your Growth that Understanding takes place. It is thru your Understanding that Doing takes place. It is thru your Doing that Success takes place. It is thru your Success that Living takes place. But…It is from all of these that Your Wisdom takes place… William Murry

There is Wisdom in Living.!! and Wisdom takes TIME.!!

Know this…The oldest thing in creation is TIME.!!


Have you ever heard the saying…Everybody likes to laugh,.. and nobody likes to cry…Everybody wants to go to Heaven.. but nobody wants to Die.

You Know…I want to be late only one time in my Life…and that is.. when I Die.

Everyone wants to live a life of Longevity…because Life.. Life itself is nothing but mysteries…and Everybody loves Mysteries. Your Life is a mystery that You want to Live the outcome of. Mysteries are nothing but I wonder’s.

One of the ways to live a short life is thru Bad Diet and Worry. Worry does not empty tomorrow of its troubles…it empties today of its strengths…and when you constantly drain yourself of your strength.. it weakens you to Death. We also must stop eating, thinking, and doing things that are not Healthy

Know this…If you have a problem Money or Man can solve…You don’t have a problem..(Pastor T. D Jakes)

Don’t worry about the problem…just work on the solution. See Life Pain is not personal, is educational. If life was always easy and not sometimes challenging we would get bored and give up on Effort.


It is our job to Listen, to Learn, to Teach, and to Implement…

You must build a Rich Mind from your Life Lessons and Experiences, and then Build Your Legacy. Do you know what a Legacy is?? You see a Legacy is when you Build something that will take care of your children, and your children’s children and then your children’s children’s children. Or your Family.

Remember:..When you have worked hard, and done well, and walked thru that door of opportunity…do not slam it shut behind you…You reach back and you give other folks the same chances that helped you Succeed…… (Michelle Obama)

Do this..As you go down that path of life and get to the end..leave a trail for others to follow.. so they can pick up JUST where YOU left off.

What is life after effort??….It is a lesson.. Now you keep working on “THE ROAD TO SUCCESS”..

William Murry:  Author of the series “THE ROAD TO SUCCESS”

President of Millionaire Mastermind Institute.




Yesterday is history…Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift,..that is WHY they call it the present

Here is a question you must ask yourself…What did I do yesterday, that I have to work on today, to improve my tomorrow?

Every day and I mean Everyday tell yourself that Today…Today I am having a Character Building Day. Then go to work on it.

Look around and see what is going on around you with Successful people, and then tell yourself…You may out do me, but you will never out work me. But you must first learn to work smart and then you can work hard. It makes the job a whole lot easier. You see when you work smart, hard work is a cinch.


The great Vince Lombardi once said …The harder you work the harder it is to Surrender……I say to you never Surrender.


You will hear upon your Success HOW lucky you are…But the truth be told..Luck is when opportunity meets hard work. You see the smarter and harder you work appears the Luckier you become.

Opportunity…opportunity is wherever you are at this NOW moment.

If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it…say yes..Then learn how to do it later.

Know this… Success is the Fruit of Effort.

You and only you should stand guard at the door of your mind. You control what is to enter and what you pass out in voice…and what you show to the world.


You know that Poor thinking habits keep most people Poor…

Believe this …THE EYES ARE USELESS…WHEN THE MIND IS BLIND. Listen and listen firmly at what I just said..

Great Success is when you learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

You see if you work hard on your job you can make a living…but if you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune.

Realize this.. that Success is not of short supply!!!

When you STOP working for money, and start working for the Success..Blessings will always come your way. You see Success is of a Spiritual Mindset and effort… Money is a material thing.


The great Bob Marley said…Money is numbers and numbers never end…If it takes money to make you Happy your search for happiness will never end.

Don’t you know that every single thing in your life that happens to you is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come….never ask for security..But do ask for Adventure. Always believe in the impossible, then go and make it happen.

It is pure evidence that you are not going to get out of this life alive. No one, and I mean no one is ever going to live forever in this physical form. I don’t care how much money you acquire or how big a house you live in, or how big your car or bankroll is, when you die everyone’s grave is going to be the same size.

Always think to improve yourself and your situation, and then work toward it..

We are now in the information age…Do not use outdated strategies.

The Universe is coming forth as it should…the question you must ask yourself and answer is ARE YOU???


Never fear the truth…listen to your instincts, your instincts guide you…Intellect can explain it…but instinct can find it. What do you do instinctively???

I can’t answer those questions for you.. That is something you must do for yourself

Wisdom comes with age…but sometimes it comes alone..and in thought

For sure…Success is going to happen with or without you…the choice is yours. You are either on the way …or in the way

Any one that ever accomplished anything at some time did not know how they were going to do it…They only knew THEY WERE GOING TO DO IT..!! Majority of people who have achieved great things have been great Dreamers. The most Successful people are the ones who Dream with their Eyes Open

There are only two days in the year that nothing can be is Yesterday and the other is Tomorrow.

Think about this…Falling down is how we grow…but staying down is how we die..Life is about growing.

You are the I of I AM..


SUCCESS is not Final…Failure is not Final…It is the courage to continue that counts.

So I want YOU to Continue On..Continue On..Continue On..working on “THE ROAD TO SUCCESS”


William Murry.. Author of the series “THE ROAD TO SUCCESS”

President of Millionaire Mastermind Institute